"Excellence, integrity, and creativity are always a hallmark of what Fabio does, whether pitching a new idea to half a dozen colleagues, or on stage inspiring and motivating hundreds of participants in a conference. In nearly 25 years in the corporate world, I have seldom seen anyone as creative, eloquent, dedicated and competent. In the back room, he is a brilliant strategist, creator, writer. In front of an audience, he is the consummate speaker, leader, role model, inspirer. I have worked with and have friends who are professional actors. Precious few can bring life to a story or creatively add meaning to an illustration or concept the way Fabio does. And he is able to do this with a natural, easy going style that tends to win everybody to become a friend or collaborator. He is one of the best teambuilders I’ve seen."

Adalton C. Caram
International Consultant

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About Fabio Marques

Fabio Marques is considered an expert on Motivation, Training and Leadership to achieve Excellence in Sales and Services. Also known by his ability to transform executives into powerful speakers and coaches.

Among other jobs, worked as a Technical Sales Rep for Siemens, Field Service Engineer for IBM, built an impressive corporate career and became General Manager of Services for the multinational Alcon by the age of 22, achieving outstanding results in sales, market share and customer satisfaction. The organization under his command was recognized as the best in Latin America and positioned within the top 3 in the world in its market.

Authored the book "Practical Guide to Excellence in Services: how to win clients, increase profits and have a better life" already adopted by several universities in Brazil for the disciplines of Business Management.

Authored the training book "Practical Guide to Excellence in Sales: adding real value" and the exclusive and up to date PIB Selling Method, already approved by thousands of sales professionals as one of the most effective concepts to increase sales volume and business profitability.

Authored the training kit (DVD+CD+BOOK) "Client Focused: the Exercise of Service Excellence" and the Marketing concept "Heart Share".

As a guest professor in MBA programs of FIA USP, delivered classes about "Services Management", "Self Marketing", "Negotiation", "Leadership" and "Management of High Performance Teams" to executives from several major corporations such as Ford, Vale, Visteon, Innova and Petrobras.

Executive Coach, Business Consultant and Professional Speaker since 1996, Fabio already delivered live presentations (lectures, speeches and workshops) to over 110,000 people, serving hundreds of organizations such as BASF, DuPont, Jones Lang LaSalle, Merck, ORACLE, Microsoft, Schneider Electric, SAP, Bradesco, Localiza Rent a Car, Toshiba Business Solutions, Siemens, Nestle, AVAYA and many others of same importance.

Fabio's academic background includes Engineering, Business Administration & Marketing. And his continuous studies are focused on the areas of Human Motivation, NLP, Sales and Customer Service Excellence.

Fabio Marques is pragmatic and dynamic, always delivering objective and results oriented presentations, with lots of easy-to-use ideas and concepts for immediate implementation.

Fabio is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and knows a little bit of French.

His hobbies include music (he plays the drums, the guitar and the piano), poetry and art design.

He also practices martial arts and has 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze Panamerican medals for Songahm Taekwondo.

Surf, soccer and basketball are also among the things he loves to do.

But above all, Fabio loves to help other people to achieve higher levels of success and happiness in their lives.